About Us

I love to reveal the magic I see in the world to those around me. By connecting with my clients I am able to experience their lives and authentically portray their personalities and their individual experiences. I believe a fulfilling life is one lived in laughter and service to others. When invited into the intimate moments of peoples’ lives I strive to show their true joy, beauty, and raw humanity.

As a third-generation photographer I am focused on portraiture. I have photographed everything from weddings to the Brooklyn Bridge. One-on-one portrait sessions are my personal favorites. They allow me to connect with people in a real, unhurried way and in some cases form lifelong friendships.

My grandfather and his sons conducted their business with honesty and integrity. Following in their footsteps I have made these family values a key component in how I run my business and live my life.

I work out of my studio in Long Branch, New Jersey. I have been published by several magazines in local, national and international markets. My art is influenced by a wide variety of styles, from soft warm moments to stark high contrast realities. I seek to explore textures through the subtle interplay of light and shadow in the photographs I create.